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University Presbyterian Church

The University Presbyterian Church Renovation and Addition was a two-phase project completed intermittently over a few years. CT Wilson and DTW Architects worked with the client to perform necessary interior renovation work in Phase I. The renovation scope included restroom code modifications, replacing exterior windows for greater efficiency, and installing a new sprinkler system in the existing structure to create a new fire rating in anticipation of the addition of Phase II. Phase I unfolded in the midst of a summer and fall of a vital church and preschool. Coordination between volunteers, staff, and clients was critical to maintain safe, effective, and minimally disruptive work.

Phase II involved complex road re-work. An existing building was demolished and electric feed, storm water, sanitary sewer, and water lines were re-routed. A new road now connects to the existing road for improved access to the new steel-framed, block and brick addition. The addition unifies the past and present with an energy efficient opaque skylight and historically attentive brick.

Quick Stats

  • Location: Chapel Hill, NC
  • Cost: $3,911,308
  • Size: 51,050
  • Year: 2014-2017
  • Duration:
  • Owner: University Presbyterian Church
  • Architect/Engineer: DTW Architects