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Construction Delivery Methods


In the design-build delivery method the design and construction services are contracted with the owner under a single entity. This single point of responsibility, whether it be the design professional or the contractor, is used to minimize risks and reduce the delivery schedule by overlapping the design and construction phase of the project. Collaboration between the design team and the contractor is improved and subcontractors and consultants are hired based on qualifications, not solely on price.

Construction Manager at Risk

As a Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR), the contractor acts as a consultant to the owner throughout the design phase before proceeding as general contractor during construction. On occasion, this allows construction to start before design documents are 100% complete. The contract typically has a cost-capping feature or “Not to Exceed” price and the contractor is directly responsible for contracts with subs, fabricators, and material suppliers.

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

IPD is a method of construction utilizing LEAN principles, which were originally developed for production facilities. When applied to construction, the same overall goal is true: to maximize efficiency and reduce waste. This is possible through early coordination with all team members and repetitive evaluation of work performed and projected each week. CT Wilson Construction implements this method on every job.

Conventional (Lump Sum)

The owner first hires a design professional to develop the design and prepare final contract documents in this traditional delivery method. Bids are then solicited from general contractors based on those documents. The contractors propose an amount or “lump sum” and the project is awarded to the responsible contractor with the lowest price. How the cost was figured is not shared with the owner. Since the contractor is not involved until later, designers have more freedom of choice in terms of design and construction methods. This process also guarantees that the owner is receiving the best price.